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What is Learn/Learning?

The process to get knowledges, informations, skills, etc from somebody / from something is called learning. Learning is a basic need of human being to survive. There is lots source to learn something that we want to know, first we learn from our inner world of imaginations, thinkings, feelings, etc these might beĀ  wrong because its our personal understandings that is not proven. We get information by our five senses smell, taste, touch, listen and watch something. Learn from religious holy books scientists, motivational speakers, social workers quotes. In the modern days internet is the common source there are lots of companies’ websites, apps, blogs, Youtube, Google, etc, huge information data is stored on these tools .

Why is my learning ability too weak and how to improve it?

When we start to learn lots of thoughts are running in the mind, the cause of this division, we can’t focus properly on something that we want to know. To control these unlimitedĀ  thoughts we should need mentally and physically practice, do walking, jogging, running, exercises, gym or any sports, etc. Which is much suite with our schedule. We Should do meditation to control useless thoughts so that we can improve our concentration level to learn something. If we want To make our meditation easy we should take support from our religious holy books of our own choice. Slowly we will take out ourself from useless thought world and starts learning more easily than before.



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